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musée de l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique musée de l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique
musée de l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique
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On Saturday September 17 and Sunday September 18, 2022, the 39th edition of the European Heritage Days will be held. The Ministry of Culture and its partners are mobilizing to give everyone the opportunity to meet, share, learn and marvel together.

On Saturday September 17 and Sunday September 18, from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., push the door of the Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication and discover the many activities that will be offered to you there, access to the museum will be free and open to all:

Free and commented tour of the exhibition icônes by Susan Kare

Take advantage of this event to visit our temporary exhibition icons by Susan Kare! If you haven't had the chance yet, hurry up: the exhibition will close its doors to the public from Sunday evening, September 18!
You all know the work of Susan Kare without always knowing her name or her face.
Since the computer entered our lives, her creations have been part of our daily lives: employed at Apple in 1982 to "humanize" the first Macintosh, Susan Kare created the icons that we all use daily and is thus considered a pioneer of pixel art.
The first international retrospective of this iconographer, the exhibition looks back on all the facets of her creation, her inspirations and the undeniable visual influence of her work on our digital life; the opportunity for a real world tour of icons in images, from Lisbon to Seoul, passing through Japanese coats of arms or video games.
The youngest will even be able to enjoy a small game booklet specially designed for them!

visiteuse face à une oeuvre de Susan Kare et une affiche des collections
View of the exhibition "icônes by Susan Kare", MICG, 2022. All rights reserved

Permanent collection: come and see the Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication!

The museum offers a heritage and artistic look at an original technique, printing, used by everyone.
The Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication gives you landmarks, historical, aesthetic, technical by immersing you in the birth and evolution of printing since the Renaissance. A living heritage that gives meaning to the technological changes we are experiencing.
Along the permanent route, discover printed treasures, from the Gutenberg Bible to the first "advertisements", from the first newspapers to large-format lithographic posters.

collections permanentes
View of the museum collections, 2021. All rights reserved

Workshop + "Work in Progress" by street artist Mifamosa at the museum!

In resonance with the Icons by Susan Kare exhibition, the street artist Mifamosa will be exceptionally present at the museum for a weekend for a "work in progress" of a new work to come! You can even learn about his artistic practice!
MIFAMOSA is a street artist whose museum highlights his work in the temporary exhibition icons by Susan Kare which ends with this event. He transposes into colored pixels and images the names of the streets he crosses, playing with both the plate, the letters that make it up and the twisted meaning that words can sometimes take on in their immediate urban context. Having become an expert in visual translation, Mifamosa chooses to extend its playground to all the cities of France. Mifamosa joins the nocturnal practice of street art to stick its tiles, its pixels where you least expect them, playing both on the surprise effect of pedestrians and the humor of its creations. These are very present in Lyon: admire for example the Popeye icon already installed above the plaque in the rue des Forces, very close to the museum!

Oeuvre de MifaMosa dans le rue des Forces à Lyon.
Mifamosa, Rue des Forces, MICG, 2022. All rights reserved.

Atelier pixel art

Apprendre en s’amusant et en pratiquant !

Le pixel est l’élément le plus petit qui compose une image numérique (sur un ordinateur). Il a une forme carrée et est d’une seule couleur.
Inspirez-vous du travail de la pionnière Susan Kare présenté dans l'exposition temporaire, et réalisez avec l’artiste Rozenn Le Gall votre propre motif !

atelier pixel art rozenn le gal
MICG, tous droits réservés.

Family discovery of the typographic workshop, treasure of the museum

Come and discover a traditional printing workshop with its characters, its cases and its printing presses!
On the occasion of this national event, Fernande Nicaise, head of the workshop, as well as Sabina Saunière, mediator, are preparing a set of typographic compositions for you that will allow you to make your own printing on one of our presses.

photo de l'atelier de typographie du musée
View of the typographic workshop, MICG, 2022. All rights reserved.

Demonstration of engraving techniques

Have you always wanted to know what an intaglio, a gouge, a drypoint, a chisel is but never dared to ask? An engraver will be present in the permanent exhibition rooms to answer you during a demonstration of her know-how in engraving techniques. She will adapt her presentation and her speech for young and old!

Outils et supports de gravure
Engraving techniques, all rights reserved.

Presentation of the artistic project "Operation Messages"

Come and enjoy a restitution to the public of the first year of the "Operation Messages" project in connection with the Fourvière hospital and the theatrical company les ArTpenteurs.
This event will be an opportunity to present "Operation Messages", a transgenerational project funded as part of the Culture & Health system and bringing together the gerontological hospital of Fourvière, the ArTpenteurs company and the Museum of Printing and graphic communication.
Discover the mini exhibition on the letters written by the patients of the hospital with the help of the writer Elisabeth Granjon, and graphically formatted on the presses of the typographic workshop of the museum. Come listen to the reading of a selection of these touching letters.

Opération Messages, composition typographique
All rights rerserved