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musée de l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique musée de l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique
musée de l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique
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RVB - Rouge Stephen King Vert Véronèse Bleu Maggie Nelson


Exhibition from Friday April 7 to Sunday September 3, 2023 - extra days until septembre 17!

How does the eye perceive colour? Additive and subtractive synthesis, halftone, paint, pigments: alongside a reflection on the formation of these colours, their social and political roles, let us explore together the worlds of three artists to give an aesthetic and emotional insight to the whole: Stephen King, Veronese and Maggie Nelson.

Red showcases Stephen King’s various passions for writing, detective and fantastic literature, as well as the films adapted from his works. From The Shining to Dead Zone, his very autobiographical cult books give a glimpse of his childhood fears and joys, much more than we could imagine. They resonate with creations and symbols related to the red colour, such as the rose, Soviet posters or the LEGO logo.

Veronese Green is the name attributed to a specific shade of colour, which leads to linking the use of green in the paintings of the 16th century Italian master. Paintings by the artist are then presented side by side, printed on a large scale for the occasion, bringing together subjects that traverse the whole complexity of perceptions of green, such as dragons, Zelda video game, or the green screen in cinema.

Finally, author and poet Maggie Nelson composed the work Bluets (2009) based on the different forms of obsession she developed for the blue colour after a romantic break-up. Her text cut into fragments will be confronted with around fifty "blue" images from our collections, the history of art and popular culture, to pay tribute to this book, a true ode to melancholy and resilience.


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affiche RVB web
Graphic design: Syndicat
vue de l'exposition RVB partie Véronese
View of RVB (c) MICG, all rights reserved.

If our exhibition is called RGB, you will only find documents (or almost only) printed in CMYK in the rooms.
RGB stands for Red Green Blue and refers to the process of additive colour synthesis. This concerns colour-light since the addition of these three coloured lights gives white light. Screens and video projectors use this process. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and the process of subtractive colour synthesis consists of combining at least three colour materials to obtain all the shades. We start from white (the sheet of paper) to go towards black (the printed paper).

In this exhibition, you will find different printing techniques: xylography and lithography in one or more colours, trichromy and quadrichromy by Jakob Christof Le Blon and Gautier Dagoty, chromolithography by Godefroy Engelmann, as well as the screens and colour reproduction instruments developed in the 20th century.

Sara de Gouy is a space designer, state-certified architect and visual artist living in Lyon.
From furniture design to light installations and architectural projects, light and colour are essential components of her work, which crosses and naturally gives rhythm to the three parts of the exhibition.

Her dedicated itinerary retraces the genesis, the design and the realisation of three of her projects (Archisculptures, a tailor-made sculpture play area in Saint-Denis, the ephemeral light installation "Chromatik therapy", in Brussels, and “Entre-temps”, a long-lasting digital and luminous work for the performance hall Le Silo in Marseille). Sara de Gouy works with colour as material in space, as a tool for exchange and education. Her creations show that colour-matter, colour-light and colour-sensation make it possible to mark, transform and organise space. The chosen colours also have an impact on the users: they are indeed as much a means of participating in the care as of nourishing the imagination on a daily basis.
The whole constitutes a coherent course of works which makes it possible to present the importance of colours in our living space, beyond their printed, painted or sculpted presence. Our museographic spaces then peacefully transform themselves. Along the way, the links between art and colour are put into perspective.

vue de l'exposition RVB partie Sara de gouy
View of RVB (c) MICG, all rights reserved.
alix boillot drapeau bleu
Alix Boillot (c) Letizia, Collectif Des Flous Furieux

2023, the SUBS, a living space for artistic experiences in Lyon, offers you a chromatic and aquatic experience: Blue. Artist Alix Boillot takes on the challenge of transforming the esplanade of the SUBS by imagining a monochromatic and multidimensional work: a central basin with a scenic agora, fountain sculptures at the four corners of the terrace, rainwater collectors, cool oases, a suspended garden, and flags that naturally announce the colour... blue!

At the musée de l’Imprimerie et de la Communication graphique, the artist set up in the courtyard as an extension of her installation at the SUBS. Claiming author Maggie Nelson as one of her references, her work naturally accompanies the words of Bluets in exhibition spaces with her blue pencil drawings.

Alix Boillot designs sculptures, installations, scenographies, performances, and editions. Her work has been presented at the Ménagerie de Verre (Paris), SUBS (Lyon), Fondation Ricard (Paris), Saint Ignace Church on the occasion of Nuit Blanche (Paris), Plastique Danse Flore (Versailles), CND (Pantin), CNDC (Angers), Festival d’Automne (Paris), and the Avignon Festival. She will be a resident of the Villa Médicis in 2023-2024.

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To celebrate their relationship and their complementarities in Europe, the Printing Museums of Lyon and Leipzig have decided to lead a joint partnership around the Red, Green and Blue colours. 2023 is a special year for the two museums, since January 23 marked the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Élysée Treaty promoting Franco-German understanding. RGB exhibition then shows a selection of works printed with the graphic workshops of the city and the region of Leipzig to compose a local and contemporary graphic panorama, representative of today's colour printing.
Leipzig Museum will present this same selection of printed works at the end of 2023 in an RGB exhibition, for Röt, Grün, Blau.

To prolong this binational partnership and to push a reflection on colors and its emotions between France and Germany, the exhibition is the trigger for an original artistic and cultural exchange between a class of the primary school of the Cité Scolaire Internationale de Lyon and a French class from the Franco-German Pablo Neruda primary school in the City of Leipzig: a “work in progress” project to be found in our rooms!

Benedikt Leonhardt, Ohne Titel, 2021, lithographie, Leipzig, Stein Werk, Thomas Francke.
petite fille dessinée
Deidamia accompanies the youngest in the discovery of the exhibition (c) Bastien Castres

The exhibition route is also designed for children and families!
The museum, in a permanent process of openness, works for and with the public. It offers, around this new exhibition, new activities, guided tours, fun tours and experiences for everyone. The activities are designed to learn, discover, wonder but also to dream!

Texts and games have been designed and produced with Cm1/Cm2 pupils from the Condé school (Lyon 2nd). The pupils discovered the behind the scenes of the creation of an exhibition and gave us their vision of it in the rooms of the museum: open your eyes and follow the little girl in our exhibition rooms!

To prepare or complete your visit, we also offer a game booklet to download and print at home, so that the youngest can discover and understand the main principles of colors:


To explore the themes of this exhibition in a fun and creative way, visits and workshops will be offered from April to September, for adults, children and families.
From the typography workshop to the pop up or magic paper workshop, there will be something for all ages and all tastes!

Do you want more? Museum Night, Music Festival, screenings, meetings with artists are all events that will punctuate the exhibition: go to the activities section to consult the full program and book your activity!

tourbillon des couleurs
"tourbillon des couleurs" (c) MICG, all rights reserved.


With the support of Citizenkid, Grains de Sel and TCL/Sytral.


For more information or any request for visuals, contact Sarah Lowicki.